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On-site workshops for girls, grades 4-6
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Our Philosophy

B’tween Girls is a program that builds essential relationship skills, confidence and emotional regulation in girls Grade 4, 5, 6, through hands-on activities, easy tools and important discussion about the girl world.


Girls will be kind, confident, assertive and resilient, using their own authentic gifts to foster life long positive relationships with themselves and others.

Our Story

Emotional pain can have a long-term impact on self-esteem.

Feeling like an outsider, hearing your “inner gossip” put you down or dealing with bullying all take their toll. Watching girls struggle in their teen years inspired us to create B’tween Girls. We help girls feel good about themselves with a program designed to make a real difference. Girls learn to understand the painful emotions, to listen to their feelings, and speak up for what they need in relationships.

B’tween Girls knows that every girl deserves to feel good inside. We teach them how for a better now and future.


Increased confidence, emotional regulation and brain science understanding have been shown to improve relationships and reduce tendencies toward substance abuse, self-harm and eating disorders.

Do you see girls struggling with friendships and feeling anxious?

The 8-week curriculum is customized to meet the needs of your students. Each girl takes a closer look at her inner world and shares her ideas and feelings. We also help girls explore concepts of the outer world in a safe setting. The workshop incorporates art therapy and light movement, keeping it engaging, fun and active.


One in three girls will have depression, anxiety disorder, use self harm or develop and eating disorder before graduating from high school. We’re here to help change that.

Our 5-Step System

B’tween Girls builds essential relationship skills, confidence and emotional regulation.


Step 1

Consult with teachers, coaches and leaders to understand the unique needs of your girls.

Step 2

Develop and deliver a personalized program over eight, one-hour sessions where students learn and practice skills backed by clinical research.

Step 3

Assist you in reinforcing new skills and evaluation of each student’s personal growth.

Step 4

Provide ongoing resources for schools, parents and girls through our website.

Step 5

We provide an ongoing resource for schools, parents and girls, through our website including links to helpful resources and B’tween Girls Workshops.

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Fee: $3000 for 8 weeks
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Our Core Values

  • To feel connected or sense of belonging to thrive in this world
  • Come from a place of kindness and compassion for ourselves and others
  • Celebrating your uniqueness, embrace, stay true to yourself, authenticity
  • We embrace everyone’s individuality and the innate value within each of us
  • Ensure this is a collaborative and supportive experience
  • Promote atmosphere of trust and respect
  • Mistakes and conflict are not avoidable, we honor imperfections
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Co-creator of B'tween Girls/Facilitator

I’m a US citizen but spent my formative years in Bolivia, the US and Colombia. I hold a Master’s Degree in Education from Boston University and spent several years teaching ESL (English as a Second language) and developing enrichment activities for middle school students in Los Angeles. I’ve also pursued post-graduate coursework on Children’s Mental Health at Mount Royal University. My particular interest is helping young girls to discover and appreciate their talents and to learn how to have healthy relationships – I’m the first to admit that my own ‘tween’ has been a humbling teacher.


Co-creator of B'tween Girls/Facilitator

I’m an Adapted Physical Education grad (BPE) and very much enjoyed a career in Early Intervention, supporting families with children with developmental delays and/or disabilities. While raising my own three kids, I became increasingly aware of, and concerned by, the social struggles girls face. It has become my mission to educate and inspire young girls.


Co-creator of B'tween Girls/Facilitator

I’m a mother of two adult children, and an educator. I worked in the public school system, as well as in Christian Education, where she designed and delivered programs for children ages 4-18. Continuing to connect with young women in my volunteer role with pregnant and parenting teens, I have a passion for engaging with young girls and women and hearing their stories.

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